About Us

Where It all Began

Our Story

Tracey’s story began when our founder, Johnson, noticed his wife rummaging through her handbag she was looking for something. As someone who has to juggle multiple roles in a day, she wanted a bag that was suitable for her work and off-work routines. 

Johnson realised that this might be a common thing that modern women face every day, and saw an opportunity to design bags that champions both style and function. Over the years, Tracey has evolved its expertise and point of view on thoughtful everyday bags. We are on a continuous journey to fine-tune our designs for our users with the modern-day lifestyle in mind. 

We know you are not just one thing,
and we celebrate you for all that you are. 

Living in the bustling city, you are always moving from place to place, juggling the different facades of your life. You wake up, head out for a quick coffee run, drop by the office, go for a client meeting, go for a walk or attend a workout session, and end your day meeting up with friends for a fancy dinner to unwind. 

Tracey crafts versatile and functional bags that complement the different facets of your life. We want to equip you with the perfect companion to juggle it all. Whether it is day or night, formal or party, elevate your corporate power suits and accentuate your party outfits.

Transition seamlessly without leaving your essentials behind. Tracey has got your back. Because we know, a good bag can make your day just that much easier. 

Whatever you do, wherever you go, take it with you.