Meet Your New Essential.

A collection inspired by the hustle and bustle of the city and the people living amidst it. This Messy-No-More collection is crafted and designed to cater to your everyday needs.

Tracey is Always Evolving,
Just Like You.

Life is full of adventure. It is always changing, and always evolving. 

And with that, we believe it is the perfect time for our brand to embrace a new chapter. With this brand refresh, we are carving more space for us to grow and evolve, continuously better our offerings, and essentially serve you better.

About Tracey

Meet Our New Logo

Since Tracey's inception, we have prided ourselves in our collection of function-forward bags that could fit easily into our user's daily routines. We hope that our logo also represents our commitment to empowering people's lives through products that compliments their lives, with a touch of unique simplicity.

Where It All Began

Tracey’s story began when our founder, Johnson, noticed his wife rummaging through her handbag she was looking for something. As someone who has to juggle multiple roles in a day, she wanted a bag that was suitable for her work and off-work routines. 

The 1st iconic compartment bag.

All products of Tracey are made of 100% cruelty-free #vegan leather, designed locally in Malaysia to fit local modern women's needs. Tracey aims to improve the life quality of all local women regardless of their background.

The Urban Lady bag is our 1st compartment bag to help women redefine their bags. Ensuring they do not have to compromise on style, functionality and versatility all in one bag.

In 2022, our Urban Lady Tote Plus has been awarded by The Malaysia Book Of Records for having the most number of compartments in one bag. This recognition reflects our commitment to innovation and practicality.


The Urban Lady Backpack

The Urban Lady Tote Plus Bag