Reintroducing Tracey

Unveiling a new chapter for Tracey

Tracey is Always Evolving,
Just Like You

Life is full of adventure. It is always changing, and always evolving. 

And with that, we believe it is the perfect time for our brand to embrace a new chapter. With this brand refresh, we are carving more space for us to grow and evolve, continuously better our offerings, and essentially serve you better. 

Since we launched the brand, our mission has been to create fuss-free and convenient everyday essentials. With our journey alongside our users’ throughout the years, we strive to progress and further develop our brand to complement you better.

And that means a commitment to improving our benchmark in crafting and designing products that you can depend on as you navigate your everyday life. As you evolve and grow, Tracey will do the same to celebrate all that you are (and so much more). 

Meet Our New Logo

Since Tracey's inception, we have prided ourselves in our collection of function-forward bags that could fit easily into our user's daily routines. We hope that our logo also represents our commitment to empowering people's lives through products that compliments their lives, with a touch of unique simplicity.

Our elevated logo is a stylised "T" that continues the bag symbolism from our previous logo.

The curved bar of the T illustrates a bag handle, which is arguably one of the most essential parts of a bag that allows us to carry our daily items with us anywhere we go. This symbolism points to the core of what we believe our products can help users do—to carry ourselves with confidence in our everyday lives.

Welcoming a Brighter Chapter

With the start of a new chapter, we hope to encapsulate Tracey's lens of city life into a new signature colour—Burnt Orange. A zesty, confident, and energetic colour that represents the richness of life in the city.

It is the first swash of light in the sky at dawn, and the echo of a long day lingering after the sun sets. It is the perfect colour that represents the start of the day, and the transition from day to night. With this colour, we hope to hold on to a sense of adventure and wonder when soaking in every experience that life has to offer.

And with this brand refresh, Tracey is here to serve you better. Come join us as we embark on this brand-new chapter together!