Innovative. Lightweight. Made More Sustainable.

tracey lite collection

Meet the Coffee Edition

Tracey Lite’s Coffee Edition is exquisitely crafted from coffee leather. Through an extensive process, coffee waste is repurposed into an innovative vegan material to extend its life cycle. 

Daily Essentials, Powered by Coffee.

Explore The Possibilities of Vegan Coffee Leather:

In yet another step we take towards minimising environmental impact, we take the lead in innovating with alternative materials - this time with coffee.

Often perceived as waste, we take a second chance on coffee pulp and repurpose it as an alternative material to craft this collection.

Luxurious and Made to Last.

The Perfect Brew:
Crafted With Premium Touches & Details

Adorned with YKK Zippers, A lifetime guarantee, no less.

Crafted entirely with recycled material, in and out. A guilt-free piece indeed.

Embellished with stealth gunmetal grey hardware. Sleek and minimal.

A variety of sizes - to fit right into your lifestyle, perfectly. 

An Elevated Coffee-Obsessed Lifestyle.

Every Coffee Edition product comes with an exclusively designed coaster, crafted from the same coffee leather. Making space for your favourite cup of coffee (or any beverages) everywhere you go.

Coffee Edition Early Bird Deal: Make A Stand & Get Rewarded.

Only limited to the first 100 orders.

Enjoy these add-ons completely free.

• Padded Laptop Sleeves for the Busy Bees.

• Coffee Leather Coasters for the beverage lovers.

• Exclusive Canvas Tote Bag for quick errands and extra storage.

• Passport Holders for the frequent travellers.

Make a Conscious Choice. Choose the Coffee Edition.