The Urban Lady 2.0

Compartments For Everyone,
For Everything

The Messy-No-More Collection is not your usual bag. It is designed with smart compartments to make you live with ease, without compromising your style.

The Messy-No-More Collection.

With up to 20+ smart compartments in a fashion bag catering your everyday needs, the Messy-No-More Series is created with the perfect balance of style and functionality.

Bid messy bags farewell and say hello to our Messy-No-More compartment bags. Keeping your items organised for you to live your best life!

Messy-No-More Collection are on limited-time sales!

Grab them before it’s gone.

The Messy-No-More Collection

A hassle-free lifestyle.

Featuring The Urban Lady Tote Plus and The Urban Lady Backpack

Looks good on the outside, looks good on the inside. A bag that gives you both

Designed with smart compartments
and features to make you live with ease,
without compromising your style.

The Urban Canvas Backpack.

The Urban Lady Tote Plus.


The Urban Canvas Backpack
& The Urban Lady Backpack

Why settle for boring backpacks when you can have them meeting your stylish and functional needs? Life can be uncertain, but your bag doesn’t have to be with our new backpacks that’s certainly made just for you!


Go Hands-Free

Now you can go hands-free with our slim feminine profile backpack. Made for those who want a stylish yet functional backpack.

Suits both daily carry and travel modes, work and leisure.

Comes in 2 types of styles or surface textures, both made of vegan leather.


15-litre large internal

• 14-inch laptop compartment
• Tumbler holder
• Anti-theft multipurpose
  back pocket
• Water resistant exterior
• 14 compartments 


The Urban Lady Tote Plus

For go-getters

The plus-sized version of our chart -buster Urban Lady Tote collection that everyone is asking for is finally here!

Made for a busy lifestyle, it is designed with carefully curated internal space for a hassle-free life.

15-inch laptop pocket

Up to 20+ Compartments

With a 15-inch laptop compartment, this tote plus is essentially a moving office.

Gives you a peace of mind by keeping your Every Day Carry (EDC) safely in their separated compartments for easy reach and easy access.

Modular pouch

Extra storage

Hook this pouch to your tote plus and you’ll have yourself a ready-to-use extra storage!

The pouch comes with a complementary metal chain that turns it into a crossbody bag.

Perfect to carry your selected essentials during breaks!

Designed with style and utility in mind

Our Design Intention

Big features at a small budget.

the urban lady

Messy-No-More for every lady

Buying Guide: Find Your Urban Lady Bag

Find The Right Size

Spend some time sorting out your daily items. Know what are the things you carry to work so you know which compartment bag fits you best.

Proper fit is important, especially for people with a small frame body. Although backpacks aren’t inherently gendered products, some backpacks may be too large for women to comfortably wear.

Find The Right Colour

Looking at bags for work? university? You can never go wrong with classic black, khaki, brown, and navy coloured-bags. Easy to match with your everyday style.

Love pastel? Cream, pigeon grey, or moss green would do the trick!

Function is important

Carry a water tumbler on-the-go? Frequent public commutes? Find yourself sometimes switching how you carry your bag between shoulder carry-on and sling?

Our collection has a variety of bags you can choose from to meet your taste. Find the right fit for who you are!

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Why we designed

The Messy-No-More Collection

We’ve had enough of messy bags.

Hate messy bags? YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Don’t we get suuuper annoyed fumbling through the mess just to find that small little thing? Be it a single parking ticket, access cards, or keys?

It gets even embarrassing spending minutes at a retail store to find our wallet to pay the cashier in front of a long line.

Those tangled cables, used tissues, receipts from long ago, even those cosmetic stains on your bag…, all our items scattered everywhere!

A messy bag = a messy brain. Don’t we just want to remove ourselves from this unwanted stress?

Why compartments
are vital.

Organizing your Every Day Carry (EDC) items into the right compartments is the ULTIMATE key to a messy-no-more bag.

With your EDC items kept in their designated pockets, it not only saves you time searching for them, you'll also be at peace knowing exactly where your items are!

Tracey’s Messy-No-More Collection is designed with thoughtful smart compartments, keeping your items organised. Each pocket is created in just the right size, placed carefully in the right orientation for your easy access.

The peaceful-balance of aesthetic & practicability.

At Tracey, we aspire to prove a way for style and functionality to coexist in a bag without having to compromise one for another.

Seeing way too many women having a mismatch between their fashion outfits and bulky bags, we believe it's high time we solve this!

That’s why we decided to create our Messy-No-More compartment bag collection that’s just the right match for all that you are.

Bid your messy life farewell, and say hello to a stylish yet functional bag that does it all!