City Tote Mini

A delightful addition, the City Tote Mini comes in pastel colours to accessorize your outfits and free your hands from carrying small essentials.
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A Mini Delight.
Accesorise Your Outfits with
a City Tote Mini.

A delightful piece to complement your outfits.

Comes with a long chain, explore the city with a City Tote Mini and free your hands for small essentials like your lipstick, hand sanitiser, tissues, cards etc.

It's all in the little details.

The City Tote Mini Comes in Both Tall & Wide.

Comes in a series of delightful pastel colours, you get to also choose your preferred style of Tall or Wide to complement your outfits best.




A Mini Tote That Accesorise With Function.

A mini tote to hold your small knick knacks and essentials.

Bring along your lipstick, tissue, cards etc as you enjoy a day out in the city. 

Made with cardboard-embedded premium vegan leather, the City Tote Mini provides a structured exterior.

Comes with a long chain to wear as a crossbody, enjoy a fuss-free experience when you bring your small essentials along. 

Comes with a magnetic lock to keep your essentials safe.

Elevate Your Outfits with The City Tote Mini.

Explore the City in Style.

Enjoy a weekend escapade while keeping your hands free.

The perfect addition to your City Tote collection.

Add a pop of colour to your everyday outfits.