The City Tote Medium Tall (Pastel Series) Compartment Bag

RM 209.00
RM 99.00

The 1st iconic compartment bag.

All products of Tracey are made of 100% cruelty-free #vegan leather, designed locally in Malaysia to fit local modern women's needs. Tracey aims to improve the life quality of all local women regardless of their background.

The Urban Lady bag is our 1st compartment bag to help women redefine their bags. Ensuring they do not have to compromise on style, functionality and versatility all in one bag.

An Everyday Compartment Tote for All Occasions.

An everyday tote crafted with compartments
for all your essentials.

With a handy size that fits up to an Ipad Mini, alongside compartments to fit your essentials, this tote is versatile and convenient.

Take the City Tote Medium with you for work and fancy occasions, but also pair it easily with your casual weekend outfits. 

Transition from day to night, work to play, all with The City Tote.
Crafted for a fuss-free experience for the modern woman like you.

Comes in both tall and wide orientation. 

Tall or Wide, 
It's entirely up to you.

Designed with two different orientations to fit your style preference. 

Both comes with convenient compartments to fit your belongings. 

It's your pick. 

A fresh take on the classic tote.
Tall elevates your outfit with a chic and edgy look.

Never go wrong with the classic.
Go with Wide for a feminine and elegant look.

Comes in 4 different series

Neutral Series

Pastel Series

Monogram Edition

Limited Edition

Fuss-free compartments for easy access.

Convenient compartments to keep things organised throughout the day.

• Fits an IPad Mini or A5-sized Notebook
• Internal tumbler holder
• Handy compartments to keep your 
  essentials in place—keys, makeup,     
  stationery, gadgets etc


Say goodbye to rummaging through a messy bag.

Don't worry, we help keep your bag organised, even on your busiest days.  

Thoughtful compartments crafted to fit all your essentials while keeping your bag neat and fuss-free.

Our compartments are thoughtfully crafted to fit your everyday essentials.


Designed for you to juggle work, play and everything in between.

An elegant tote that keeps your essentials in place and complements your everyday outfits

Spacious interior with convenient compartments.
Enjoy the elegant exterior alongside the power-packed interior.

Water-resistant vegan leather finish for easy cleaning. Spillage no longer is your worse nightmare.

Stay hydrated throughout the day. Holds your water tumbler upright to avoid leakage.

Key or earphone holder to keep them always accessible. It's really all in the tiny details.